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Thank you for your interest in booking the Wadi Degla Virtual Museum educational experience!

Who are we

WDVM is a nontraditional museum that can move, travel and disseminate knowledge about Egypt’s natural heritage through portable VR goggles. This engaging environmental education experience uses the latest technology of virtual reality (VR) to increase the public’s interest in Egypt’s natural heritage and start a conversation around the importance of preserving our protected areas. The museum features three 360-degree videos explaining (in both Arabic and English):

  1. The geological history of the Protected Area of Wadi Degla
  2. The biodiversity and ecosystems of the valley
  3. Responsible tourism and nature-friendly activities that could be done in the park

To realize our drive to bridge the gap between people and nature, we had to let our imagination fly to envision what an accessible museum that can reach people all around Egypt and encourage an interest in nature could look like. Coupled with our VR experience, we do presentations and distribute learning materials to start an informed conversation around the importance of preserving our protected areas. 

Click here to learn more about WDVM! 

What we offer

We offer three main educational experiences 

Experience 1: An intimate closed lecture with select participants (max.16)

What it looks like: It is a 2-hour lecture that incorporates VR videos for all participants. At the end, all participants get printed educational material.

What we need: A space that can support 16 people comfortably, an electric socket to plug in a projector

Experience 2: An open lecture followed by a closed VR experience session

What it looks like: It starts with an hour educational lecture that is open to anyone interested in learning about the Wadi Degla protectorate. Upon entrance, every attendant gets a raffle ticket. At the end of the lecture, 16 raffle tickets are randomly selected. Those whose numbers are chosen get to experience the WDVM videos with the team. All participants get printed educational material.

What we need: A big venue that has a projector, a projector screen, a mic if needed.

Experience 3: A public booth

What it looks like: Anyone interested can experience the VR and get educational material about the protected area.  

What we need: A popular public area that many people can access.

Experience 4: A customized educational experience based on your context and preferences

What it looks like: We are open to discuss all suggestions. We can not guarantee that all customizations are possible.

What we need: A clear communication of your vision.


To ensure the sustainability of this project, we often charge for this service. However, compensation is based on a sliding scale depending on the recipient’s ability to pay. A small percentage of the fees goes towards maintaining the project’s equipment while the majority goes towards sponsoring a free event at another institution that can not pay. 

Some of our past events 

Alwan w Awtar Association, the Children’s Art School at Darb 1718 Center for Contemporary Art and Culture, the German School in Cairo, the Maadi Public Library, AUC Greek Campus, Banati Foundation, 2018 UN Biodiversity Conference (Cop 14). See more on our Facebook page!

Please use the form below to request WDVM. We will be in touch shortly after to discuss more of the logistics!