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Project Description

Wadi Degla Virtual Museum


In light of NCE’s goal to raise public awareness and appreciation of nature and its values, Nature Conservation Egypt is setting up Egypt’s first virtual natural museum, using Wadi Degla Protected Area in Cairo as a prototype project. Using Virtual Reality (VR) technology as a means to bring the public closer to nature, this project is documenting, visualising, and reproducing educational materials on Egypt’s natural heritage in the form of three 360-videos, documenting the following components: 1. The geological history of the National Park; 2. The biodiversity and ecosystems of the National Park; 3. The responsible tourism and educational activities that take place in the Park. The produced virtual experience will be accessible online, through the National Park’s website, as well as the social media platforms.

The virtual content under development will also be accessible at the National Park’s educational center, currently under construction. The produced content will exemplify how modern digital technology can be used for awareness raising on biodiversity conservation and the promotion of responsible tourism activities.

The Wadi Degla Virtual Museum is mainly funded by the Global Environmental Facility’s (GEF) Small Grants Programme (SGP), with co-funding from NCE.

Wadi Degla is  a natural museum for animals, plants and geological formations.

وادي دجلة هو متحف طبيعي للنباتات والحيوانات والتكوينات الجيولوجية.، وذو أهمية تعليمية وتثقيفية وعلمية وأيضاً ترويجية لطلبة المدارس وسكان الأحياء المجاورة.

Dr. Mostafa Fouda, Vice President of NCE

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