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Project Description

Responsible Tourism

Tourism is one of the most important sources of income for Egypt. Since the 1980’s, Egypt’s tourism development policies aimed for maximum growth of infrastructure and services to accommodate as many visitors as possible in the country’s most beautiful areas. As a result, natural habitats were destroyed or degraded, threatening the wildlife and the local communities that depend on them. Habitat destruction and degradation also threatens Egypt’s tourism potential and could reduce Egypt’s popularity as a destination for different types of nature-based tourism.

As a result, NCE is promoting principles of responsible tourism for the mutual benefit of nature and local communities alike. Responsible tourism aims to minimize the social and environmental impacts of tourism, ensuring economic opportunities for local communities whilst protecting the environment and conserving nature.

Through awareness-raising for policymakers, technical guidance for the tourism industry, and capacity building for local communities, NCE is working for the mutual benefit of tourism and nature.

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