Report: Hunting and Trapping Practices in Egypt’s Northern Mediterranean Coast تقرير صيد الطيور على ساحل البحر المتوسط 2019-03-14T18:31:47+00:00

Project Description

For three consecutive years Nature Conservation Egypt (NCE), in cooperation with the Nature Conservation Sector of the Egyptian Environmental Affair Agency (EEAA), initiated the Responsible Hunting Programme (RHP) to conduct various survey activities on the hunting and trapping of migratory birds along Egypt’s Northern Mediterranean coast. The main aim of the study was to conduct an initial survey to document the different hunting and trapping practices used by the local communities as well as recording the different bird species caught in coastal trammel nets and the species found at the adjacent markets with their relative abundance during the announced bird migration season. The study was constructed to better understand the scale, dynamics, and potential anthropogenic impacts on migratory birds at designated survey points along Egypt’s Northern Mediterranean coast.

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