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Project Description

Renewable Energy & Biodiversity

The renewable energy sector is one of the fastest growing industries, aiming to reduce dependency on fossil fuels to combat climate change and ensure sustainable development. However, when planning for large renewable energy projects, nature has to be taken into consideration during the planning and construction of these projects to truly ensure sustainability.

Wind energy is one of the most promising and popular forms of “green energy”. However, windfarms could pose a significant threat to migratory birds if these birds are not taken into consideration during planning and construction. Egypt’s Red Sea coast is one of the windiest areas in the world with many wind energy projects under implementation. This area is also at the heart of the second most important migration route for soaring birds in the world. Millions of falcons, eagles, vultures, storks and pelicans depend on Egypt’s Red Sea coast to continue their migration between Africa and Asia/Europe.

Through this programme, NCE aims to promote nature-friendly practices within the renewable energy sector, to bridge any remaining gaps between conservation and green energy, and ensure truly sustainable development.

Migratory Soaring Birds Project

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  1. Julius Thursday January 25th, 2018 at 11:21 PM - Reply

    True true!
    Wind energy is good, and is even better when designed not to kill birds.Keep it up!

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