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Project Description

Marine Conservation

Egypt is blessed with coastlines on both the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, both of which are rich in biodiversity and support human and non-human ecosystems.

With Egypt’s increased dependency on its coastlines for resources and tourism, habitats and the species that depend on them have become threatened. NCE realises the importance of effective management of marine areas, and effectiveness can only take place through engaging local communities in conservation efforts.

NCE Marine Conservation activities included:

  • Enhancing the resilience of Coral reef communities in the Red Sea by assessing vulnerability of ecological and social communities of the Red Sea & proposing mitigation and adaptation options.
  • Assessing fishing based threats to marine biodiversity in the Egyptian Red Sea &fisher perceptions of no-take zones
  •  Reviewing the assessment of impacts on marine turtles in the lake Burullus region
  •  Biodiversity Education and Public Awareness Program
  • Understanding and enhancing socio-ecological resilience in Wadi Gemal and Gebal Elba MPAs

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